Empower Your Shower

by / Thursday, 02 July 2015 / Published in Body Care

Did you know that simply taking a shower can increase your exposure to harmful substances. That’s why you should shower less so we can enjoy your natural fragrance. Haha…just kidding! Check out my new video to learn the actual issue.


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  1. laura says : Reply

    Hi Dr. Amanda,

    It’s your patient Laura T. I can’t find the link to the website for the shower filter or the name of the one you show in your video. Can you direct me to that?

    • Amanda Roberson, ND says : Reply

      Hi Laura! The shower filter pictured in the video is the Sprite HCC8-CM Filtered Chrome Shower Handle which requires a Replaceable Filter Cartridge (model HHC) about every 3 months. I picked mine up from Lowe’s. It may be worth calling to see if there’s a store near you that carries them or you can Google the name in bold to find an on-line retailer. See you soon!

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