Guess what? I take BACTERIA regularly to stay healthy. In this quick video you will learn why probiotics are so vitally important for vibrant health.

As an ND, I like to address the root cause of symptoms and medical conditions in an effort to ultimately help patients heal. By doing so, my approach to treating patients varies a bit from that of a typical MD. I “think outside of the box” so to speak in my approach to medical care

Fantastic Fiber!

Monday, 16 February 2015 by

In this video, Dr. Amanda explains why fiber is a healthy choice as a result of how our digestive systems function. Learn why consuming fiber may also help with weight loss!

Here are 5 fabulous keys to weight loss!  When used in combination, you’re likely to lose a few pounds easily and start the new year off right. Eat a healthy, protein rich breakfast every day. By eating a good source of protein with a bit of healthy fat like what’s found naturally in free range