Facilitating Fertility

Thursday, 17 September 2015 by

Increasingly, more couples are experiencing challenges conceiving. Numerous variables like the increasing age of first-time moms who initially pursue career goals, decreased nutrient concentration in foods, and abnormal hormone cycles may all be contributing factors. For this reason, many couples seek Advanced Reproductive Technology (ART) for treatments such intrauterine insemination, egg preservation (cryopreservation) and in

Just in case you missed my first television appearance, you can watch the full TBN episode here! It was a delightful opportunity to discuss some of the topics addressed in the book, Dear God Bless this Mess: What Christians Should Know about Food, Health & Healing. Please watch it and let me know what you

Do you need natural solutions to address psoriasis? If so, this video provides alternative solutions that may be worth considering with your doctor.

My Medicine: Tinctures

Saturday, 08 August 2015 by

Have you ever thought, “I wonder if there’s something natural that I can take for X (a symptom) or Y (my health concern) or Z (to improve my health)?” Well, you’ll likely be pleased to know…of course there is! The challenges are finding the right type of medicine for X, Y or Z and taking

Dry Skin Solutions!

Thursday, 30 July 2015 by

Do you have dry skin that is often dull in appearance, ashy or itchy? If so, this video was made just for you! Learn a few tips to gently remove the outer layer of skin that’s causing your skin to be dry. The secret to beautiful glowing is just beneath!

Don’t you just love to spend hours in the kitchen whipping up delightfully healthy dishes for your family?!!! Yep, I’d like to believe this is actually an option for many of us. However, due to the demands of our busy schedules, spending lots of time in the kitchen is typically NOT an option. For this

Empower Your Shower

Thursday, 02 July 2015 by

Did you know that simply taking a shower can increase your exposure to harmful substances. That’s why you should shower less so we can enjoy your natural fragrance. Haha…just kidding! Check out my new video to learn the actual issue.   Please share with others if you liked the video. Thanks!

    Since July 4th is approaching, this seems like an ideal opportunity to warn you about the possible dangers you may be exposed to while celebrating our freedom. Did you know that cooking meat at high temperatures creates carcinogenic (cancer-causing) compounds? This is true and well understood within the medical community.   Why is

Recently, I saw one of my neighbors from a short distance and could immediately tell she was not feeling well. As I approached, my initial impression was confirmed as I noticed her reddened eyes surrounded by puffy eyelids and her irritated ruby nose. She insisted with a congested voice that since she’d been sick for