About The Book:

Dear God, Bless this Mess: What Christians Should Know About Food, Health & Healing

Grocery stores and drive-thru menus are full of quick and convenient options to relieve your hunger. But are your food choices saving you minutes each day while shaving years off of your life? Why can’t you eat what you want and just pray that God will fix it?

In this book, Dr. Amanda Roberson pulls back the curtain to expose why our food choices are leading to chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cancer and what to do about it. Recognizing that God is the Great Physician, Dr. Roberson will show you how to take responsibility as a good steward over your body by teaching you:

  • Why many of your favorite foods are killing you slowly
  • What you can do to reverse the affects of chronic illnesses and medical conditions
  • Spiritual aspects of illness and disease and the power of your words over your health.

With so much conflicting information about health – often driven by people who want to increase profits – Dr. Roberson gives you the truth about how to create healthy habits that allow you to enjoy the abundant life God wants you to have.

Amanda Roberson, ND, M.Ed.

Amanda Roberson, ND, M.Ed.


Dr. Amanda Roberson is a naturopathic physician who focuses on maintaining and restoring health – not just treating symptoms. She practices family medicine using a variety of treatment options including acupuncture, botanical medicine, environmental medicine, homeopathy and hydrotherapy while addressing the foundations of health through nutrition and lifestyle counseling.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Roberson is an adjunct professor with Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Maricopa Community Colleges.