Is Frankenfood causing our failing health?

Yes! There are numerous man-made ingredients that are linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer. Many of these ingredients are not allowed in foods in other countries. Learn what to avoid by reading this book!

Healthy is Haute!

Eating healthy foods can be adventurous, exciting and pleasurable! This book provides tips so you’ll know where and how to start regardless of your current budget. You will feel good and look great! This lifestyle will help you to be your best and glorify God in the process.

God, the Great Physician

God designed your body to function optimally when fueled with certain foods. The prescription has already been written! Unfortunately, Satan knows this too and continues deceiving Christians with foods that could eventually lead to our demise. This book will teach you how to overcome the battle and have victorious health!
Listen to Dr. Amanda Roberson discuss highlights you will learn from the book!

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